Bear Creek Acres Dairy

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Pastured Poultry

The chicks come to our farm when they are one day old. For the first week or so they are kept inside under a warm heat lamp. After that, they are free to wander in an outside pen that we move regularly, so they can have access to fresh grass. They are also fed certified organic grain, which is always non-GMO. They must be preordered before they are processed at about 9 weeks of age.

Pasture-Raised Chicken (Bear Creek Acres Dairy)

Pasture-Raised Whole Chickens. Our chickens are moved regularly to fresh pasture grass. Tender, succulent meat with more Omega-3 fatty acid than un-pastured birds. Whole chickens range around 3.5 to 5.5 pounds
1 whole chicken | Approx 5 pounds @ $5.00/pounds = $25.00 + $0.00 Assembly
5 whole chickens | Approx 25 pounds @ $4.50/pounds = $112.50 + $0.00 Assembly