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About Bear Creek Acres Dairy


Our Certified Organic farm is located in the rolling hills of Clayton County near Edgewood, Iowa.

We are a Father and Daughter farming together with the next generation in training.

The number one priority on our farm is to grow healthy food for our family and yours. 

It is our belief that healthy food begins with healthy soil. This is the reason for our organic practices.

Organic agriculture is a way of farming that pays close attention to nature.

Being certified organic means we follow strict guidelines.

Our operation is inspected yearly by a government approved agency to ensure that we meet or exceed the organic standards.

The extra effort it takes to be certified organic gives our customers the assurance that we offer very healthy, pure products raised in a natural setting.

Any and all seeds we use to grow feed for our animals are always non- GMO.

Our crops are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or herbicides.

Growth hormones and antibiotics are not used on our farm.

Our Products

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Our Animals


We milk 20 crossbred cows. Our milk cows are A2 only, certified organic, and 100% grass-fed. Currently we are making cheese curds once a week and the remaining milk is fed to our hogs.

Our steers are born right here on our farm and are raised for meat. All are pastured and fed high quality forages throughout their lives, which results in well marbled, tender, tasty meats hat melt in your mouth. 

We raise Berkshire pigs as well.  Our pigs live outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. No confinement buildings. No GMOs. No antibiotics or hormones. Along with grain, we feed our pigs left over milk from our cows. This leaves their meat very tender and tasty. You can actually taste the difference.

Our chickens are raised on grass in a chicken tractor in the fresh outdoor air for their protection. Each day they are moved to new grass. The meat is tender and succulent.

Fortunately, we rarely have an unhealthy animal on our farm. We believe this is due to our healthy soils which we are continually improving each year. When an animal is in need of extra care, we use herbal remedies, homeopathy, and other holistic methods.

In contrast to industrial confinement meat production, our animals are given a healthy dose of fresh air, sunshine and space. We feel that the best farm inspector is you, the consumer, so feel free to call ahead or drop by during business hours. 

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