Bear Creek Acres Dairy

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Discount Freezer

Looking for a Good Meat for a Discount? Look no further! The Discount Freezer offers meats that are either older or not as pretty of a cut, but available at a cheaper cost. Our family gets our dinner from the Discount Freezer, and we opened it up to share with you as well.

Brisket (Bear Creek Acres Dairy)

Amazing flavor--a true hidden treasure of the beef cuts! Beef brisket is from the breast section between the foreshank and plate, with only 2 available per beef. It contains layers of fat and lean meat, but no bones. Often cured in salt brine to make corned beef brisket, it is usually prepared by braising or by cooking in liquid.
1 brisket | Approx 2.5 pounds @ $5.99/pounds = $14.98 + $0.00 Assembly
Beef Short Ribs (Bear Creek Acres Dairy)

The super ribs! These are cut from the lower portion of the animal near the belly. Each package typically contains 2-3 short ribs. Beef short ribs are often slow cooked for hours in BBQ sauce.
1 package of ribs | Approx 3 pounds @ $2.99/pounds = $8.97 + $0.00 Assembly